Remotely Binds 1.4 Billion Africans Into A Single Remote Enabled EcoSystem

The Revolution Is Being Broadcast Live.

Eventee builds communites out of events 

Eventee covers all platforms you need to connect attendees with your event content. 

Eventee is the heartbeat of Bootstrap.Africa, binding us together remotely through its mobile first infrastructure into a functional ecosystem. 

Using its future proofed technology agnostic event management infrastructure, Eventee turns events in to virtual communities, allowing all of us, spread over 55 countries, to virtulaise our experience as if we were in the same physical space location, even when we are not!

And when we actually are all physically present together, Eventee manages the event seemlessly too.

All from the same app.



One Single Unified Platform!

Each event gets a homepage with an event schedule, list of speakers, optional sponsor showcase, and so much more...

Integration with EventBrite also allows anyone to make public and monetise events.

This especially useful for meetings powered by technologies' like Zoom and Google Meet, that do not have inbuilt ticketing. 

Best of all Eventee helps to create relevant connections. This feature enables people to connect and chat with each other.

Forming new relevant business contacts couldn't be easier.

Get automatically introduced only between people who show a professional interest and arrange meetings through the mobile app.


Driven By Our People

A population of over 1.3 billion people from 55 countries operating in information syncronicity. 

Wahid Mansur

CEO - Egypt

Barbara Wiggentape

Innovaton Manager - South Africa

Kamali Abena

CMO - Ethiopia

Patrice Dopra

Design Head, Kenya

Ahmad Nwosu

Venture Capitalist- Nigeria

Steve Smith

Production Assistant - Namibia

What they say

“The networking is just terrific. Its just like being there. The conversations you have, the relationships you build, they’re informative and everlasting.”
Roslyn Kumasi

Regulator, Ghana